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    Is your son or daughter struggling in school? Are her grades so poor that you worry she’ll be left behind?

    As a good & caring parent, you care about your child and her future.

    At Tutor Portland we’ve helped many students turn their grades around. Our in-home math tutoring is powered by our team of local tutors and backed by a Better Grades Guarantee. Our speciality is helping students improve their math grades so that they can gain acceptance to the college of their choice. Try a free in-person or online tutoring session with us! 

    Our tutors are all fully vaccinated against COVID-19.



    In-Home Math Tutoring

    We offer in-home tutoring in the Portland area. Tutor Portland’s hand-selected educators have raised grades and confidence across every subject in the Portland, Oregon K-12 and University-level curriculum. Our main focus is mathematics. However, we also commonly teach English and science as well. Sign up for a free session. We will ask you some questions  and then pair you with a great tutor from our small team. We drive out to you for in-home tutoring in Southwest, Southeast, Northwest, or Northeast Portland. We have worked with students attending: Lake Oswego High School, Lincoln, Lakeridge, Gilkey, Grant, Cleveland, Wilson, Jackson, Sellwood, Duniway, Ainsworth, OES, West Linn, La Salle, Wy’East Academy, among countless other schools.

    Listen to the Tutor Portland Podcast. The show where we sit down with Portland locals and discuss all things education and the arts. 



    From Algebra to Physics, our Portland, Oregon math tutors help students understand math concepts at a deeper level so they can apply them to earning better test scores.

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    Test Prep

    We help students prepare for standardized tests such as the SAT and ACT. These are important exams which have an impact on the type of college your child can attend.

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    Our hand-selected science tutors – hand selected in Portland, Oregon – can help make physics, biology, and chemistry easy to understand and even fun.

    Tutor Tip: Always take practice tests. If your teacher doesn’t make you one, create one for yourself. Research shows that taking practice exams improves your memory.

    Listen to the Tutor Portland Podcast. The show where we sit down with Portland locals and discuss all things education and the arts. 

      The Tutor Portland Membership is a flexible monthly membership program fit around your tight & busy schedule. Our founder, Eric M Earle, can help you decide the right membership program to accomplish your goals. Most clients choose 2-3 hours of tutoring per week. One nice benefit of your membership is that your sessions never expire. They are yours to keep and use anytime.

      Tutor Portland

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      Tutor Portland: In-Home Math Tutoring in Portland, Oregon

      Listen to the Tutor Portland Podcast. The show where we sit down with Portland locals and discuss all things education and the arts. 

      Meet Eric Earle:
      Tutor Portland’s Founder

      Eric Earle was born right here in Portland, Oregon. He has always been passionate about youth because “they are the next generation,” he often says. “We have to make sure they are prepared for the future and doing well.” Eric translated his passion for youth and education in his early 20’s when he founded Tutor Portland. At the time he was freelancing and spotted a number of holes in the Portland education system. Students needed to be inspired. They deserved to have private sessions with tutors who knew how to teach and how to explain tough concepts in multiple ways. Over the years Eric honed his tutoring strategy. That’s one reason why he was voted as one of the best tutors in the Pacific Northwest.

      Eric developed a membership-based tutoring company with options in several different programs: high school, middle school, elementary school, homeschool, adult tutoring, and our pre-medical program. We focus on teaching these levels. We have taught to families and schools all across Portland.

      Eric was born in Portland, Oregon. Eric believes in tutoring. He’s seen it work so many times. Eric has transformed failing students into A scholars, almost every time, in less than 45 days.

      He has hand-selected a few elite tutors to help your child. Whether you have students enrolled in public or private schools in Lake Oswego, Eastmoreland, West Linn, or other Portland, Oregon neighborhoods, Tutor Portland is here to make your child a confident, goal-smashing student with a report card worth framing.  

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      Tutor Portland has donated over $20,000 worth of tutoring to local schools.

      Tutor Tip: Prepare for each exam as if it were an athletic event. This includes: practicing every day, eating healthy & exercising.


      Tutor Tip: Make a study checklist. This gets you analyzing & anticipating what might be on the exam.

        Tutor Tip: Contrary to what many people think, extensive research has proven that changing your answer on a multiple choice exam leads to higher overall test scores than does “sticking with your first choice.” 

        Tutor Portland likes you. Thanks for choosing to read through our website.


        • Great Service, my HS daughter learned more Spanish in the last 2 months of the school year than she did during the prior 9 months. Was able to bring up her grade significantly.

          - Daniel Tamashiro

        • I will never use another tutoring company.
          Tutor Portland has a great membership program. I went with their 3X per week membership. Tutor Portland sent a tutor out within 24 hours and was able to help my oldest daughter in Chemistry. She had a C-. And I really wanted her to bring her grade up. Within a month, she had a B+. Within another few weeks, she was up to an A-.
          She finished with an A.

          - Stephanie Riley

        • “We had an outstanding experience with Ashley Yoo. For the past few months, our 7th grader had the opportunity to work with this inspiring and dedicated math tutor. Today our daughter’s math skills have markedly improved. As a bonus, her interest in math and overall self-confidence have increased as well. For our busy family, the in-home aspect of your service is a real plus. Please accept our sincere thanks!”

          - Kurt Whitman

        • “I was interested in a tutor because my 7th grade son wasn’t doing well in school. Eric started working with my son right away. I particularly like Eric’s no-time-limits package which does not put a limit to the time he spends with my child, fully adapting to his needs. I was happily surprised to find out that just 45 days later, my son had raisedh his grades from Ds and Fs to As and Bs. Seeing that final report card was such a sigh of relief. More than just being a tutor, Eric has helped inspire my son and set him on the path to success.”

          - Lawrence McCormick, Portland

        • “I was a bit skeptical at first, but I soon found Eric and Tutor Portland to be incredible. Eric worked with my son and won his trust at the first session. I’m so pleased with Eric and the relationship he has developed with my son. I could tell my son’s great improvement during past years. In fact, my son just recently got accepted into a great university. I feel so lucky to have found Eric to be my son’s tutor. I highly recommend him.”

          - Shela Lu, Portland

        Tutor Tip: Did you know the longest answer selection on a multiple choice problem is most often the correct choice? When you don’t know the answer, tricks like these can improve your odds of choosing the correct answer.

        The Tutor Portland Membership is here to serve you and designed to fit around your busy schedule. Sign up for a free session and test drive our tutoring membership within 24-48 hours, without paying anything.

        Listen to the Tutor Portland Podcast. The show where we sit down with Portland locals and discuss all things education and the arts. 

        Tutor Tip: Extensive research has shown that highlighting articles and textbooks while studying leads to higher scores on multiple choice exams.


        Tutor Tip: Attempt challenging problems & concepts before you’re taught them. Research shows that struggling with ideas & problems helps us learn quicker and retain information more effectively.

        Tutor Tip: Try to predict some of the test questions before the exam. If it’s multiple choice then also try to predict some of the answer bank.

          Tutor Tip: Sleep. Sleep is critical to memory formation. Getting 7-9 hours of sleep each night helps our brain store information. One study found a direct correlation between hours of sleep and GPA. 


          Do you have a money-back guarantee?

          Yes. All of our monthly tutoring memberships are backed with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee—for any reason, no questions asked. We want you to be completely happy and fully satisfied with your purchase. 

          Is there a discount if I refer a friend?

          Yes! We offer a one-time 25% discount off your monthly tutoring membership for both you and your friend. Ask your tutor about a referral card.

          Will my child earn better grades?

          Yes. Both Our Platinum & Gold Monthly Tutoring Memberships have a Better Grade Guarantee. Attend (on average) 3 sessions per week and we guarantee your child’s grades (in 3 of 5 classes) will be raised in 60 days, or your money back—we’ll even pay you $100. 

          Where will our tutoring sessions take place?

          We offer in-home tutoring sessions in the greater Portland area, as well as at your child’s school. We will drive to you (included in your membership).

          Do You Have More Questions? Contact Us for a quick response!

          Tutor Tip: Meditate. Research has shown that mindfulness meditation can improve test scores & grades. How does it work? Meditation works by reducing mind-wandering and worrying & by improving working memory.

          The Tutor Portland Membership is known for its Better Grades Guaranteed. We Guarantee Better Grades for both of our top two membership tiers. We know that tutoring works from experience. Our founder, Eric Earle, always struggled with subjects like chemistry & math. He used to get stuck on problems and not know what to do next. In his twenties, with the help of tutoring, he went back to Portland State University to complete pre-medical courses. This included a significant amount of chemistry, biology, and mathematics. He excelled. Eric was a 4.0 student, earning over 100% in nearly every course. He did this with the help of tutoring and a few proven learning strategies that he shares with all of his students & tutors today.

          Listen to the Tutor Portland Podcast. The show where we sit down with Portland locals and discuss all things education and the arts. 

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