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Our Most Popular Subjects

Tutor Portland’s hand-selected educators have raised grades and confidence across every subject in the Portland k-12 curriculum, including:


Math Tutoring Services

From Algebra to Physics, our tutors help students understand math concepts at a deeper level so they can apply them to earning better test scores.

Science Tutoring Services

Our hand-selected science tutors help make physics, biology, and chemistry easy to understand and even fun.

SAT / ACT Tutoring Services

Our SAT / ACT tutors can help your child prepare and practice for these crucial standardized tests.

Tutor Portland offers every subject within the k~12 curriculum. See our subjects page & learn more!


Meet Eric Earle:
Tutor Portland’s Founder

Eric Earle was recently selected as one of the best tutors in the Pacific Northwest by University Tutor. Eric started tutoring and mentoring when he was twenty and three years later, after helping many students raise their grades and get accepted into their dream universities, he founded Mentor Portland LLC.

Because Eric wanted to create a division of Mentor Portland LLC dedicated purely to academic tutoring, he founded Tutor Portland nearly six months later.

Our mission? Our goal is to help Portland’s youth achieve better grades in just 45 days, learn faster, and get accepted into their dream colleges.

Eric was born in Portland, Oregon. Eric believes in tutoring. He’s seen it work so many times. Eric has transformed failing students into A scholars, almost every time, in less than 45 days.

He has hand selected a few elite tutors to help your child. Whether you have students enrolled in public or private schools in Lake Oswego, Eastmoreland, West Linn, or other Portland neighborhoods, Tutor Portland is here to make your child a confident, goal-smashing student with a report card worth framing.  


“We saw a flyer in Sellwood and gave Eric a call. I was interested in a tutor because my 7th grade son wasn’t doing well in school. Eric started working with my son right away. I particularly like his no-time-limits package which does not put a limit to the time he spends with my child, fully adapting to his needs. I was happily surprised to find out that just 45 days later, Eric had helped my son raise his grades from Ds and Fs to As and Bs. Seeing that final report card was such a sigh of relief. Eric is also working with my child to improve his overall organization and complete his homework in all his classes. More than just being a tutor, Eric has helped inspire my son and set him on the path to success. I would highly recommend Eric.”

- Lawrence McCormick, Portland

“I was a bit skeptical at first, but I soon found Eric and Tutor Portland to be incredible. Eric worked with my son and won his trust at the first session. He helped my son refine his school essays and even prepare his speeches. I’m so pleased with Eric and the relationship he has developed with my son. I could tell my son’s great improvement during past years. In fact, my son just recently got accepted into a great university. I feel so lucky to have found Eric to be my son’s tutor. I highly recommend him.”

- Shela Lu, Portland


Do you have a money-back guarantee?

Yes. All of our monthly tutoring memberships are backed with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee—for any reason, no questions asked. We want you to be completely happy and fully satisfied with your purchase. 

Is there a discount if I refer a friend?

Yes! We offer a one-time 25% discount off your monthly tutoring membership for both you and your friend. Ask your tutor about a referral card.

Will my child earn better grades?

Yes. Our Platinum Monthly Tutoring Membership has a Grade Guarantee. Attend (on average) 4 sessions per week and we guarantee your child’s grades (in 3 of 5 classes) will be raised in 60 days, or your money back—100%.

Where will our tutoring sessions take place?

We offer in-home tutoring sessions in the greater Portland area, as well as at your child’s school. We will drive to you (included in your membership).

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