Portland In-Home Tutoring Service — Our Subjects

If you can think of a subject offered in a Portland school’s k-12 curriculum, we have a dedicated tutor ready to help your child start earning better grades. Our Portland in-home tutoring service was founded on the idea of hand-picking great tutors who show integrity, passion for their subject, and the ability to explain hard subjects in a simple, down-to-earth way. Our founder, Eric Earle, knows what it’s like to struggle at some of the hardest subjects: like chemistry, mathematics, and physics. But he also knows how great it feels to begin learning those subjects, to gain confidence in them, and to actually look forward to learning them. You can read more about our story or learn more about your child’s education on our blog.

Pick a subject (or two!) and get in touch with us about our Portland in-home tutoring service, or have us come to your child’s school for sessions.


Algebra Tutoring Services

Our experienced tutors help students master the fundamentals of equations and develop all the skills they need to excel in algebra.


Calculus Tutoring Services

Our calculus tutors help students learn derivatives, integrals, Newton’s Method, and more. We also help with pre + AP calculus.


Geometry Tutoring Services

Our geometry tutors helps students who are struggling to learn the proper formulas, equations, and definitions.


Physics Tutoring Services

Our tutors help students learn the fundamentals of physics until they became crystal clear, easy, and sometimes even fun!


Biology Tutoring Services

Our tutors help students understand their biology homework, labs, and tests—as well as review and learn hard concepts from class.


Chemistry Tutoring Services

Our chemistry tutors help students work through tough lab assignments, homework, and prepare for tests and quizzes.


Writing Tutoring

Writing, like any skill, can be learned. We teach students how to envision, plan, and write compelling narratives and essays.

SAT / ACT Tutoring

Our SAT / ACT tutors can help your child prepare and practice for these crucial standardized tests.

Spanish Tutoring

Our tutors can help your child learn to read, write, and engage in conversations using the Spanish language!