Spanish Tutors


Our local Portland Spanish tutors can help your student read, write, and converse in the Spanish language. Is your child getting C’s or worse in Spanish? Our tutors can help change that.

Our founder, Eric Earle, struggled with Spanish in college. He knows what it’s like to learn a foreign language. After studying abroad in Santiago, Chile and Puntarenas, Costa Rica, he learned a few things about learning languages. He studied three years worth of college level Spanish, while conversing with his host family on a daily basis. This knowledge of Spanish allowed him to be a great tutor when he returned back to Portland, Oregon. But he soon found that his truth strength was in finding great people, and bringing them together to help delight customers. With his background in Spanish, Eric was poised to find and hire great Spanish tutors. He’s done just that.

Free Resources For Learning Spanish:

Duolingo is an incredible resource for learning Spanish. It’s a fun and interactive mobile application (app for your phone) that lets kids and adults alike learn Spanish (and several other languages). Our founder, Eric Earle, has personally used it. He recommends it.

Another great online resource is: Study Spanish.

How Spanish Tutors Can Help:

Spanish tutors can help in a number of ways. They can help with the accent and pronunciation. (Eric always used to struggle with his. And he thinks this is one of the main reasons why kids dislike Spanish. If they can just learn the accent, they become 10 times more engaged. And that is critical for learning.)

Our Spanish tutors can also help students learn the proper grammar, syntax, and conjugations of Spanish verbs. Conjugations can be tricky. But with 1 on 1 attention, students always seem to get it.

Chalkboard with basic Spanish and English words

Get Help With:

  • High School Spanish—All Levels
  • Middle School Spanish
  • Beginner Spanish
  • Get Help With Conjugations and Verbs
  • Spanish Vocabulary
  • Get Help With Homework and Tests
  • And More!