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    Free Education Resources For You

Welcome to your free resources page 🙂 

We are currently in the process of creating more resources for you! 


1. How to Get Better Grades

This is a 4500 word document detailing how to earn better grades. Even implementing just a few of these 13 tips will help ensure math & science success for your middle or high school student! 

2. How to Supplement Your Child’s Education 

This is the perfect guide for ideas on how to supplement your child’s education. 

3. The Three Most Helpful Geometric Proofs

Here’s three of the most useful geometric proofs, how and when to use them, and why knowing them will make geometry so much easier!

4. Triangular Proportionality Theorem: The Geometric Trick You Never Knew You Needed

Understanding these theorems allow you to see how geometric concepts can be used beyond the classroom and applied to more complex ideas.