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Our local Portland SAT / ACT Tutors are here to help your children improve their standardized test scores. We know how important these tests are. We also understand how nerve racking they can be. As much as 45% of a student’s admission to college depends on these tests. That’s why we’re here to help.

Who takes the SAT?

The SAT is taken by the majority of high school students who hope to attend college. The vast majority of american universities require the SAT (or ACT) to be taken as part of the application / admission process. It’s required by over 90% of american universities.

When do students take the SAT?

Generally, students take the SAT at least twice during their four years in high school. Usually, students will first take the SAT during the spring of their junior year. If their scores weren’t as high as they (of their family) hoped, students will often take the SAT again during the early fall of their senior year.

Why are these tests important?

The SAT and ACT are important because decades of research shows that they can account for as much as 45% of a student’s application to college. Tests carry heavy weight; especially the SAT. It’s a single, one session test, that might determine your child’s future. The test is four hours long and is often seen as one of the key determinants to an applicant’s success.

How can my child prepare for the SAT?

How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice. Practice. Practice. When it comes to taking the SAT, the most important aspects are: practice, preparation, and deeply understanding the structure of the test. The SAT is, most likely, the longest test they will have ever taken in their lives. It’s important to understand what takes place during those four hours. It gives students confidence to know that they have a strategy for succeeding at reading comprehension, math, and science. You child should learn about the questioning style of the test. Every exam (SAT, ACT, classroom tests) is unique. We always recommend that students take some free SAT practice exams. These help. Practice coupled with a solid understanding of the test, will give your child the confidence she needs to ace the SAT.

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