Welcome to The Summer Tutoring Page.

Summer is a great time to learn. It’s a time to get ahead. While others are out vacationing, we are out dedicating ourselves to our work. We are striving to push ourselves further. 

Tutor Portland is busy offering Math, Chemistry, and Spanish tutoring all throughout the summer.

Learning depends on consistency. Especially, Math, Chemistry, and Spanish. These subjects require students to study continuously. Long gaps or breaks in learning this material can cause a learner to start school in the fall already behind. At this point, they might require long hours of review. The time during the term is most effectively utilized when spent study the current ideas being discussed in class. Summer is thus an incredible opportunity to catch up on any review and also to fine-tune all the skills and ideas that they learned last year. Our summer tutoring memberships can help you do that! 

There is a lot of research which shows that summer learning is incredibly valuable and useful. Research has shown that students lose over 2.5 months of math skill over the course of every summer (Cooper et al., 1996). Also, students affected by summer learning loss are less likely to attend college (Alexander et al., 2007).
 Research also shows that summer learning programs, when done correctly, can often prevent summer learning loss, while also improving achievement in other areas (McCombs et al., 2011). Research shows that summer learning programs are best when they follow a few key principles: 

  1. Focus On The Individual 
  2. Track Progress
  3. Have Great Teachers 
  4. Alignment of School & Summer Learning Curriculum
  5. Engaging Content