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    Tutor Portland Podcast Episode 5: Balancing Study and the Great Outdoors with Tyler Pagano

Celebrate the great outdoors with Balance Soccer founder, Tyler Pagano as we discuss the importance of athletics, setting personal goals, and balancing life with time under the open sky in Portland, Oregon!

In this episode, Tyler and I place a special emphasis on personal development and experiencing the great outdoors, which definitely resonate with Portland families. Tyler provides insights to what students love most about outdoor camps and how lessons on the soccer field translate to success in the classroom. We also talk about which students are more inclined to respond to personal development goals, and why it’s critical for children to recognize their problem areas without sugar-coating.

Tyler also reveals which area of personal development he’s seen the most Portland students struggle with, and how his attitude at Balance Soccer helps to break it down and build it back up stronger than ever.

As a special treat, Tyler and I also chatted about his life-changing experiences outside of Portland during his work in Uganda and how Portland families can get involved in provided support for Ugandan children in need.