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September 5, 2019

Portland Area Tutoring Service Expands as Demand Increases

The state of Oregon has yet again ranked amongst the lowest schools in the nation. Coming in at #44 out of the 50 states, Oregon ranked equally as low in both quality of education as well as safety. A 2019 study by WalletHub showed that Oregon fell among a few other states that have high education spending, but have low-performance rates and In 2017, OregonLive reported that Oregon had the second-worst graduation rate in the entire United States. As education continues to be a major struggle for Oregon families, Tutor Portland is offering some of the most comprehensive tutoring services in the state. They have recently expanded their services by partnering with local organizations to offer weekly group tutoring classes in an effort to make tutoring more accessible to those that need it. 

After recognizing that the Portland area was in need of more mentorship to help coach the youth and move the Rose City forward, Tutor Portland founder Eric Earle set out to start his own education and mentorship company. Eric Earle was born and raised in Portland and started tutoring his first client at just 22 years old after studying a wide range of subjects in college with no real career path in mind. After mentoring his first student, Eric realized his passion for education and mentorship and used his undergrad experience in writing, communication, and psychology to launch his tutoring business. Hiring chemistry and mathematics tutors, Eric was able to offer one of the most comprehensive tutoring services in the entire state and is now amongst the most sought after tutoring companies in Oregon. 

When asked about what exactly Tutor Portland offers, Eric said “We offer math, science, and Spanish tutoring memberships in the Portland area. Our tutoring services mainly focus on mathematics because that’s what students struggle the most with. We focus on high school students who are struggling with algebra, geometry, and pre-calc. However, we have helped students from ages 7 all the way to 27. Our math tutoring program is unique in that we use the latest research on active learning. Active learning is a more engaging type of education that gets the learner involved in and engaged with the process. The research shows that this leads to better learning results and outcomes. That’s why we incorporate active learning into our tutoring.” When asked what active learning entails, he said “What does that look like? We ask questions. Research shows that students learn mathematics when they hear themselves attempt to verbalize their mathematical reasoning. That’s why we ask questions which prompt our students to explain their mathematical thinking.” 

Tutor Portland offers tutoring memberships in the Portland, Oregon area. They offer math, science, and Spanish tutoring memberships. They have an increased focus on math-related subjects. Memberships are billed monthly, and families and students can choose anywhere between 4 and 16 hours per month, as well as an option for “Unlimited” tutoring. The unlimited tutoring membership is most popular amongst their clients because it places no limits on the amount of time tutors can spend assisting, and tutoring students. If you would like to learn more about Tutor Portland, their story, or the services they offer, visit: tutorportland.com to learn more.