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December 1, 2018

3 Ways Tutoring For Kids Differs From Tutoring For Teens and Adults

Our experience with tutoring for kids has taught us one thing: kids learn differently than teenagers and adults do. There are a few core ways a child’s approach to learning differs from that of an adult.


Tutoring for kids has three important concepts that make it distinct from adult education.

1. Tutoring for Kids uses a Different Style of Motivation

Adults study and learn in order to accomplish a given goal. Get a job. Secure a raise. Earn your graduate degree. Kids, however, are intrinsically motivated to learn because they are curious in understanding what the world is and how it works. That’s why it’s important to make elementary education fun and interesting. Grab a kid’s attention right off the bat. Enhance their natural curiosity and interest.

2. Tutoring for Kids Emphasizes that They Have The Whole World Open To Them

One elementary school teacher, Pauline Gremaud, has this to say: “I teach students that they are writers. They are readers. They are scientists. They are explorers.” (You can learn more by reading her incredible blog.)

At Tutor Portland we believe this is a great approach to elementary education and learning. Kids at this age need to know that the skills they are learning matter – that these skills are fundamental to becoming their future self. It’s important that they know that through learning they can reach their dreams. They can be a writer. A scientist. An explorer.

3. Tutoring for Kids uses Different Learning Methods

When it comes to adult education, a lot of teachers use a “teacher centered approach.” The teacher is the expert, the authority. This is a traditionalist style of teaching: the emphasis is on the teacher.

In a constructivist style of teaching, the focus is on the student. Learning is interactive instead of being based solely on repetition (traditionalist). Students work in groups. And knowledge is seen as fluid and changing. Most importantly, a student’s opinion is valued. It matters.

Teaching methods can have a huge impact on a child’s success. Cooperative learning, inquiry-based learning, and direct instruction are all methods of teaching.

At Tutor Portland we believe a Student Centered (constructivist) approach to learning has the greatest benefit for students.

Tutoring for kids is different than adult education because kids have a unique style of motivation and they need to know the whole word is open to them. At Tutor Portland we believe we can best help our students succeed by utilizing a student centered approach to education and learning.