February 1, 2022

This Portland Neighborhood May Be The Suburbia Oasis You’re Looking For

Ever wondered if Portland could be a home for you? Well, with their increasing popularity and diverse personality, there’s a fit for everyone!

America is home to so many cities with an individual energy like no others. Of course you know the infamous NYC and Los Angeles, maybe you’ve been to Chicago or took a trip to Denver. All of them have something refreshing to offer their residents just as much as their visitors. It’s super incredible to be able to absorb the wonderful communities + cultures that fortified the flourishing of these cities.

Of course, there are some that have ascended to be up and coming places to reside. With the constant evolution of humanity and its expanding experience, cities take on the personalities of those who enliven it with their own interests and values. A city to have become extremely popular within the last few years is located in the Pacific Northwest, a green haven for many.

It’s Portland, Oregon!


About Portland

Portland is quite a distinct city known for a variety of compelling characteristics such as their ecofriendliness, progressive demographic, and vast amount of outdoorsy outlets. 

It’s home to an assortment of fabulous storefronts, cuisine, live music, and microbreweries that appeal to many of its inhabitants. If you’re looking for things to do outside eating and shopping, there’s an assortment of art museums, luscious parks, and many MANY bicycle routes! Both outdoor and indoor enthusiasts can find something they’ll enjoy in Portland. For such a big city, it embodies a very tight knit, small town atmosphere to it.

Oregon’s largest city is home to quite a few special spots. Did you know that Portland is home to one of the largest urban forests in the United States? That’s right- Forest Park sits at 5200 acres and is THE place to enjoy nature if you’re visiting or residing in the city! And if nature isn’t your thing, no worries; the largest independent bookstore, Powell Books, is found right in the heart of the bustling metropolis!

An appealing living aspect of Portland is its comparably low living expenses; it’s one of the most inexpensive places to live on the West Coast! And because of Oregon’s state mandates, there’s no sales tax either! As for transportation, you do NOT necessarily need a car in Portland to enjoy what it has to offer! It’s one of the most bicycle friendly places in the world, and it also offers public transportation as well!

Regardless if you’re just passing through or making it your newest home, Portland is for sure able to accommodate your every need and satisfy every passion!


One of Portland’s GEM Neighborhoods

Like all major cities, Portland has a copious amount of neighborhoods. The city is split into five major regions dependent upon their cardinal placement, each containing unique neighborhoods. All of them possess specific perks; they vary depending upon your own demographic and what you’re looking for! 

If you’re a young professional looking for a great social life and freedom to explore on foot, you may enjoy a more central or downtown area compared to more family-oriented individuals! It’s always advised to do your research when finding your home in Portland!

Of course, there are some happy mediums that converge quiet with lively. One of the best places to live is the neighborhood known as Eastmoreland- not only is it a top ranked place to live in Portland, but also in the state of Oregon as a WHOLE!

Located in what many categorize as the southeast region of the city, Eastmoreland attracts many different people. It’s a mostly liberal demographic, home to young professionals AND families which constitutes a community that is both engaging and reliable.

As for living situations and options, most residents own their homes; HOWEVER, some rent, but it’s an almost entirely residential area. This neighborhood has its fair share of high-end residencies; if you drive down the winding roads of Eastmoreland, especially near its golf course, you’ll lay eyes on beautiful homes and fine greenery!

If you’re someone raising or starting a family, Eastmoreland definitely has some lovely schooling options! With 26 amazing options for public schooling, Some of these institutions include Le Monde French Immersion Public Charter School, Emerson School, and Winterhaven School. If you want a private school, you’ve got well over 100 options! Northwest Academy, St. Mary’s, and Central Catholic High School are just to name a few!

Outside of the more permanent long-term amenities, there’s so much fun to do, too! The Woodstock Farmer’s Market is open from June to November with bountiful yummy food! More year round activities include the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden, Oaks Amusement Park, Studio One Theaters, even Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.

Luckily, the public transportation can also help you out when exploring these enthralling experiences!


What Are You Waiting For?

If you’re thinking about relocating to somewhere exciting and new, look no further! Do your own research on the city of Portland; you can check out this city guide and informational site to learn more!


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